Quality Policy bei Röhlig

We are a private, family owned service provider for air freight, sea freight, project logistics and supply chain management. Since the founding of the company in 1852, our company has continually grown into a global network that spans throughout Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

Our Quality Policy supports Röhlig’s Mission Statement:

High quality - High tech – High touch

Röhlig connects its high-quality standards with high-tech and high-touch competencies to provide its customers with a positive trade experience that expands their business opportunities globally.

In our company quality has a name: “Built-in Quality”. Our Quality Management System  goes beyond ISO 9001 requirements. It is a Management tool to fulfill our ambition, which is to be the trade companion for entrepreneurs facing the global challenge.

Our distinctive competencies and commitment to our customers are:
1. Delivering tailor made solutions
2. Mastering operational, legal and cultural  process complexity of supply chains
3. Leveraging communication power with modern IT tools and strong communication skills

“Built-in Quality” defines the commitment and contribution of all Röhlig people by encouraging and inspiring entrepreneurial thinking on all levels. The involvement and  development of all Röhlig staff is encouraged through open, regular communication, as well as training and career planning.

We continually monitor and update our procedures to ensure that they are effective and efficient. As such, our Management system is a long term commitment and a strategic  tool assisting us in maintaining Röhlig’s continued financial independence, profitability and growth.