Rohlig Market Summary

Rohlig Market Summary

Early October saw carriers introduce slight increases in rates ex Asia, however we have seen rates slip back to previous levels as we draw to the end of the month.

In other regions, “carriers announced a rate increase ex the US east coast which we expect will hold as some shippers continue to use the east coast in light of the excessive delays experienced during and after the west coast port strike”, says Martin Fernandes, Rohlig Australia’s National Procurement Manager.

Peak season is now truly upon us. We continue to encourage all customers to provide advance forecasts and pre-bookings as early as possible to minimise delays during the peak period.

Melbourne technology event and warehouse opening

Melbourne technology event and warehouse opening

New Melbourne office and warehouse

On the 8th October Rohlig Australia held an opening for the new Melbourne office and warehouse.

At the same time, Rohlig Australia launched several exciting new products and customers were given a sneak peek. New technology, new products and a greater service offering was the order of the day covering topics such as Customs Consulting, Rohlig Courier service, SmartKit GPS tracking and 3PL contract logistics.

Customers were provided live demonstrations, in-depth case studies and a walk through tour of Rohlig’s brand new warehouse space covering 8000sqm with a comprehensive storage, pick/pack and distribution service offering.

Rohlig Australia’s Managing Director, Hany Amer, commented: “The Rohlig launch event represented a fantastic opportunity for our customers to see, touch and feel how expansion of our services via these interactive engagement sessions will add value to their business. All projects are driven by a need to innovate and continuously improve what we do to improve our business and what we do for our customers”.

Logistics Industry to Step Up Efforts to Improve Supply Chain Safety and Compliance

Logistics Industry to Step Up Efforts to Improve Supply Chain Safety and Compliance

The Australian Logistics Council has committed to a range of actions coming from the ALC Supply Chain Safety and Compliance Summit held last month in Sydney.

Around 300 delegates attended the two-day Summit on 26-27 August to share ideas, benchmark best practice and identify areas where improvements can be made to improve safety and compliance outcomes.

“While government figures show us that safety is improving in our industry, it is clear that there is much more to be done to make the supply chain safer and more compliant,” said Michael Kilgariff, ALC Managing Director.

“The only way to do this is to take a whole of supply chain approach to safety and to ensure there are greater levels of cooperation between industry members to focus on areas requiring greater focus. 

“The Chain of Responsibility laws embedded into the Heavy Vehicle National Law affect all parties in the supply chain and it was therefore encouraging to see a wide range of transporters, customers and suppliers at the Summit - all of whom are committed to improvements in supply chain safety and compliance outcomes.

Click here for information on how ALC is implementing actions from the 2014 Summit. 



Rohlig Australia expands service offering with 3PL in Melbourne

Rohlig Australia expands service offering with 3PL in Melbourne

New Rohlig Melbourne warehouse

Excitement is building in Melbourne as we prepare to expand operations with the opening of a new branch office and warehouse in June. The Melbourne branch will move to Truganina, 21kms west of Melbourne's Central Business District, with access to main arterial roads, freeways and customer distribution centres.

The purpose built 9,000sqm facility contains 8000sqm of warehouse space with state of the art 3PL offering, customs and quarantine approved bond, 40m wide hard-stand, 4 recessed docks, 4 on-grade docks, 15m canopy, container packing and unpacking services. Our team will also relocate to a tech enabled office incorporating the latest office design concepts.

Rohlig Australia’s Managing Director, Hany Amer said, “the Truganina facility represents the first step in our national growth strategy and fulfils our client facing commitment to “Expand our Service portfolio”. We will now offer clients a greater number of services, giving them more choice and improving the “ease of doing business” with us.

Please view the video link below for an exclusive look at Rohlig’s new warehouse space and office.

Carbon Neutral receives Global Gold Standard certification

Carbon Neutral receives Global Gold Standard certification

Carbon Neutral's Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor is the first Australian carbon emissions reduction project to receive the prestigious global Gold Standard certification.

The Gold Standard Foundation verifies project benefits beyond just carbon abatement. Restoring habitats for native biodiversity and supporting local communities is also measured and monitored.

Röhlig Australia proudly supports Carbon Neutral solutions by offering customers the option to offset their goods transportation and gas emissions. We provide various types of carbon offsetting products, each of which has benefits, verification and accreditation.

It is really simple to offset. Simply notify your Rohlig account manager that you want to offsetyour shipments climatic impact and we will calculate the carbon footprint for that specific shipment or period of time.

To find out more on how carbon offsetting works, please speak with your local Account Manager.

Offset today and turn emissions into trees!

What’s all the hype about the Australian Trusted Trader Program?

What’s all the hype about the Australian Trusted Trader Program?

The Australian Trusted Trader program is a voluntary partnership between an accredited business and the Australian Government that aims to streamline and facilitate trade, and enhance supply chain security.


Exporters are expected to benefit from streamlined processes via Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) being established between governments that support global trusted trader programmes. It is also anticipated that joining the programme will satisfy international airfreight “security” requirements and will be aligned to the Office of Transport Security’s “known consignor” scheme.

Importers are also likely to benefit from participation in the program with priority trade services (including the possible relaxation of document requirements under Free Trade Agreements), access to a relationship manager and increased predictability of cargo release which will assist in the management of logistics operations.

Other benefits are likely to include duty deferral and streamlined reporting processes, including reforms to align cargo reporting requirements with contemporary multiple supplier (assembly order) commercial practices.

Next steps:

The Australian Trusted Trader self-assessment questionnaire is currently available and forms a part of the application process (

It is highly recommended that exporters and importers continue to work closely with their freight forwarders and customs brokers as their trusted advisors to ensure ongoing high levels of compliance. This approach will best position businesses to take advantage of the Australian Trusted Trader programme once benefits are clearly established.

To view the full pdf click here:

Source: Freight and Trade Alliance

Rohlig Brisbane tour the Brisbane Aerodrome

Rohlig Brisbane tour the Brisbane Aerodrome

loading the jet
view from the control tower

In early October Rohlig Brisbane staff had the opportunity undertake a grand tour of the Brisbane Aerodrome. The tour was conducted by BAC (Brisbane Airport Corporation).

During the tour, the staff were able to have a runway side view of take-off and landing, view aircraft for loading constraints, visit the Brisbane Airport Tower and get an overview of the safety communication process between aircraft, the tower and BAC operations.

“The tour represents a great opportunity to better understand the safety and operations within Brisbane Airport”, says Ashleigh Swartz, Rohlig Brisbane’s Customer Service Supervisor.  “It also gave us full visibility of aircraft that service Brisbane Airport and a thorough understanding of the intricacies of moving air consignments in and out of Brisbane.

Australia signs Trans-Pacific Partnership

Australia signs Trans-Pacific Partnership

October 6th, Australia, along with 11 other Pacific Rim nations, has signed the world’s largest free trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which lays out the rules for trade and investment among the countries involved.

The TPP covers 40 per cent of the global economy, and will rid 98 per cent of trade tariffs among the countries that have signed the agreement – United States, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Mexico, Peru, and Chile.

The agreement will complement other free trade agreements that Australia has struck with South Korea, Japan and China. The deal also allows Australia to capture a series of new emerging markets, like Vietnam, Mexico and Peru.

Key parts of the TPP include:


Farmers will get a major boost with tariffs for beef, dairy, wine, sugar, rice, horticulture and seafood slashed. Australia successfully managed to negotiate the export of rice into Japan for the first time in 20 years.


We can expect to double the average amount of sugar that our producers sell to the US each year. The deal will see the average annual exports rise from 107,000 tonnes to 207,421 tonnes.


Besides slashing barriers to exports, services and investments, the deal will not make any changes to the five-year data protection for biologic medicines regime. Biologics are new medicines and the data protection scheme inhibits these medicines from being patented which means open competition from generic manufacturers which in turn reduces costs of medicines for those in need.

General Rate Increases (GRI’s)

General Rate Increases (GRI’s)

United States East- and Gulf Coast to Australia and New Zealand

Effective  November 15, 2015 carriers will increase rates for all non-refrigerated cargo and all non-refrigerated container types from the United States via East and Gulf Coast ports of loading to Australia and New Zealand by the following amounts:

  • USD 100 per 20' Container
  • USD 200 per 40' Container

October Global Economic report

October Global Economic report

See attached pdf for details.


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