Shaping the future

Röhlig today

The future of Röhlig has already begun: With a new business strategy and a new brand strategy, Röhlig is prepared for upcoming challenges. The vision is clear: "Strengthening the core business, deepening the service offer and developing new-generation business."

With the newly developed business strategy Directions 2018, Röhlig has set its future goals: The core business of sea freight and air freight as well as project logistics are to be doubled by the year 2012 with a further duplication by 2018 with new products on board.

The new brand strategy becomes visible in the brand identity of Röhlig to the outside world. A new external image with a new logo and strong brand image makes this step visible to the outside world.

Röhlig will also establish its future as an independent family business, able to adapt to changing markets faster than others and expanding its business strongly on a healthy financial basis even in times of weaker economic growth.