Röhlig managed a big project logistics tender for the Bolivian mining industry


Ronny Rivas, Managing Director of Röhlig Bolivia, proudly presents scenes from Bolivia TV recorded on 16 September 2019 (watch), showing 200 dump trucks his team delivered to the capital of La Paz. During an impressive inauguration ceremony, the mining equipment was officially taken into service by the national government.


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200 trucks hauled from the Chilean Pacific coast to La Paz in the Andean highlands

Ronny Rivas and his team are experts for extensive roll-on/roll-off and breakbulk shipments. That is why they were awarded with this big tender, consisting of 200 dump trucks plus accessories. Trucks were shipped from China to the harbor of Iquique, Chile, the closest port to Bolivia. From there, we were in charge of hauling the vehicles via land transport to La Paz, located in the Andean highlands.

No time to enjoy the scenic beauty

„Our customer needed the trucks to be delivered strictly on time as the big inauguration ceremony, which attracted nationwide attention in Bolivia, was scheduled for 16 September.” Ronny Rivas explains. Thus, plans were made accordingly, with a sufficient timeframe of one week to manage the land transit covering roughly 700 kilometers and a difference in height of nearly 4000 meters. In addition, due to the winter season, roads threatened to become icy and congested. 

Roll-on/roll-off and breakbulk shipments are part of Röhlig’s project logistics offering – we plan your individual project and implement it successfully. 

A change in customs required our logistics plans to be adapted right in transit 

However, despite our well-spaced schedule, things became really thrilling. On the road our team was informed that the customs process which applied to us had been changed at short notice. That was a big challenge, as we had to change our entire logistics planning. Instead of clearing the entire shipment upon arrival in La Paz, we had to divide our convoy and mechanic crew into two teams and pass two partial clearances in Oruro, a small town on the way.

Our customs broker was able to help

On top of that, upon arrival in La Paz, the consignee was struggling to fulfill the customs process. Our team was able to provide assistance with a customs broker. Thus, in the end, the consignee was able to fulfill all customs requirements for the vehicles.

This project involved the entire team of Röhlig Bolivia. From Operations to Management, everybody was busy providing a 24/7 service to our customer and making sure that all the dump trucks were delivered on time to the big inauguration ceremony in La Paz.

That is why we were proud to finally see ‘our’ trucks on national television!

Ronny Rivas

Ronny Rivas, Managing Director of Röhlig Bolivia
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