Environmental Policy


Röhlig is committed to the continual improvement of our company’s environmental performance. Our management system is committed to comply with ISO 9001, legal and other requirements and is continually monitoring ISO 14001 requirements on a global level.

Our commitment

At Röhlig we are committed to act responsible and protect our environment by promoting sustainability throughout our business activities and decision making processes.

Our commitment to “Green Thinking” within our organization is demonstrated through our commitment to keep ISO 14001 certification and through setting green objectives as well as supporting our environmental programs.

Our Environmental Management System is verified regularly through audits and maintained through regular reviews of our environmental performance, monitoring of the achievement of our targets and objectives as well as control measures.

Additionally, our companies will also focus on other areas at a local level. Information about our environmental program is periodically announced on our website.


Scope Environmental Management System


The Röhlig Management System meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. The scope of our certificate covers “provide worldwide intercontinental freight forwarding, logistics and associated services”. In detail our products are Sea Freight, Air Freight and other associated logistics services.

It is our aim to be a reliable partner to our customers by creating chains of trust. We embrace our corporate values: truly reliable, forward thinking and eager for more.We set standards and monitor our services to meet our customer’s requirements, workplace health and safety and protection of the environment.

Interested parties and risks & opportunities relevant to our business were identified within the context of our organisation and included in our management system.


ISO 14001 Certification

The Röhlig Group holds a Group certificate for ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

Our environmental management system is valid in all Röhlig countries. The following sites are included in the ISO 14001 certification:

· Röhlig Logistics


· France

· Spain

There are no exceptions to the ISO 14001 Standard.