Global Executive Board

The members of our Global Executive Board manage the company from Bremen in Germany, Miami in the USA, Johannesburg in South Africa and Hong Kong. The presence of top management not only in Europe but also in the dynamic Asian, African and American regions means, that we are always close to our customers and their business activities. At the same time, we have avoided the disadvantages associated with an additional level of hierarchy in the shape of regional management. We believe that this structure will offer us additional momentum for growth.

The Röhlig Global Executive Board (from left to right):

  • Jan Skovgaard, CEO Network & Agents (Hong Kong)
  • Philip W. Herwig, Managing Partner (Bremen/Germany)
  • Hylton Gray, CEO Air Freight, Sea Freight, Contract Logistics & Projects (Johannesburg/South Africa)
  • Hans-Ludger Körner, Chief Financial Officer (Bremen/Germany)
  • Ulrike Baum, Chief Human Resource Officer (Bremen/Germany)
  • Thomas Hansen, Chief Commercial Officer (Miami/USA)